GIF Monday (aka Nutcracker weekend excitement!)

This Monday’s GIFs relate to Josh and I attending the Nutcracker ballet in Denver with our friends Dave and Shannon. We made a weekend of it with an overnight hotel stay, lovely dinner, dessert, and breakfast before heading home. My friend, Shannon, and I do not get many opportunities to dress up and we took full advantage of it. We ended up going shopping together and found that we both liked the very same dress and none other would do. So, we matched. We got quite a bit more attention than I expected in our matching dresses. It was great fun.

The day before the ballet I decided I needed to step up my makeup game. So, I went to Sephora and had a makeup artist apply makeup.

How I felt after that Sephora visit:


How I felt the next day when I tried to duplicate what the makeup artist did:


When I woke up Saturday morning and realized that today was the day of the ballet!


When I realized that I would have to actually walk around in the exceptionally high heels that I had chosen to go with my dress:


In spite of all those things, we had fun dressing up (well, Shannon and I did…not sure about our husbands).

What I felt like after I managed to get my makeup applied, dress and jewelry on, and even some fake eyelashes:


We had an awesome dinner before the ballet. Really amazing food. The ballet was lovely. And then we walked around looking for something for dessert. We walked a lot. In really high heels. My feet hurt. My legs ached. The price of beauty is high sometimes, folks. Really high. We finally found a little hole in the wall place offering lots of barbecued food and pie (hallelujah!) for dessert.

My reaction when the waiter brought out delicious (mint chocolate cream!) pie and coffee:


How Shannon and I spent a good portion of the weekend:


We capped the weekend off with a very yummy vegan breakfast. Just to give you an idea of the level of yumminess: Josh had banana bread French toast. Seriously good!

My reaction when any server asks whether I would like some coffee:


How I feel about returning to “real life” today:


That’s all for now! Thanks for stopping by!



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