GIF Monday and Catching Up

How I looked when I found out that Alaska’s (my home!) same sex marriage ban had been overturned:


How I feel when certain people continue in their fight to deny rights to others while still claiming to be loving:


So, we’ve set ourselves up at home with a coffee maker (french press) and grinder. :-)

How I feel about my (near daily) cup of homemade coffee:


When I decided that I wanted my tattoo and then made the decision to put it on my forearm, there seemed to be a very real possibility that I might regret it. So far, so good.

I actually feel somewhat like this when I wear short-sleeved shirt and it’s visible:


And now to play catch y’all up. We attended a LGBT family picnic here in Fort Collins. There are some great community resources here and Jaten has been attending a weekly LGBT youth group meeting. She’s really enjoying it. The picnic was fun and involved lots of rainbow crafts, hula hoops, and sack races.


We continue to enjoy amazing Colorado weather and are still biking a lot. We spent a Sunday at the Poudre River. Taye took some amazing pictures for us.

Poudre3 Poudre2 PoudrePoudre5

We also drove into Rocky Mountain National Park looking for some beautiful fall scenes. We found some, for about five minutes, and then we were straight into winter. Fun, either way.


Taye turned 11! She is already talking about how excited she is to turn 12 because it’s “so close to being a teenager.”


We had a great party for her involving dinner at Cafe Rio, vegan ice cream cake made by Brinkley, and a visit from Josh’s aunt and uncle (Carter and Diana).


Until next time!


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  1. Michelle W
    Oct 13, 2014

    love it and miss you!!!

    • Toni
      Oct 13, 2014

      Thanks, Michelle!!!

  2. Christy
    Oct 13, 2014

    I feel the same about my forearm tattoo also… but alas I’m anything but that haha. 😉

    • Toni
      Oct 13, 2014

      Haha! That particular face may have been a bit of an exaggeration on my part, though I am pretty pleased with myself… 😉

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