Love Letter to Colorado (Saying “See Ya Later” to the Road)

Well, here we are, my peeps. Here we are.  Colorado is stunning. The weather is great. The people are interesting. The hikes are magnificent. And…here’s the topper…dinosaurs used to roam here. I’m not even kidding you, folks. Dinosaurs. They left footprints. We saw them. It’s true. We think there may be some left still roaming here, though we’ve not spotted any yet. So, yeah, there’s that. We took the kids to walk on Triceratops Trail and saw some amazing dino footprints.


Seriously? Look at the footprint? Cool.

Seriously? Look at the footprint! Cool.

I told the kids to act like dinosaurs. Apparently some listen better than others.

I told the kids to act like dinosaurs. Apparently some listen better than others.

I don't know...

I don’t know…

Last Sunday, the kids and I ventured up to Boulder to visit with Josh’s aunt, uncle and cousin. We had such a great day! We went out to lunch, then to the Boulder Creek Festival, then back to their house for dinner. We’re really looking forward to spending more time with our Colorado family.

Oh, yes, and have I mentioned the hikes? Wow! Since Josh has apparently decided on an early retirement, we’ve had plenty of time to hike together. Of course, I’m not sure anyone is going to pay us to hike, so we may eventually have to find paid employment. In the meantime, we are enjoying our days of hiking. We’re actually managing to wear Cooper out, which is quite a feat.

We went to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs on Monday. It was awe inspiring.


GOG3GOG4GOG2GOG6DSCN1592GOG5Josh and I have gone on several different hikes leaving from right here in Golden (where our RV is currently parked) this week.  GoldenhikeGoldenhike2Goldenhike3Today, Josh and the kids and I hiked at Red Rocks, also here in Golden. Gorgeous.Redrocks2RedrocksRedrocks3In other news, contrary to what was stated above, Josh has decided early retirement really isn’t for him. So, he got a job. He starts next week and he seems pretty excited about it. It is, unfortunately, a stationary job. We’re thinking we won’t try to make a stationary job a travel job again, so we are going to be Coloradans. We’re excited. Still sad about giving up on traveling, but excited about Colorado. Josh will be working out of two different offices, one in Fort Collins and the other in Loveland. We’re planning on finding a place to rent in the Fort Collins area. Until we’ve had time to get to know the area and know for sure where we want to be, we found an RV park in Fort Collins where we will be staying. I’m thinking Big B is going to get a little cramped when we’re staying in one spot and without the excitement of traveling around, so we’ll see how that goes.

As for the future, I think we all have the travel bug now. We are hoping to make some small trips over the summer from our home base here and planning bigger trips in the future. Additionally, we are SO grateful for the six months of traveling that we had. What an amazing experience. We had quite an adventure. We learned a lot. We met some really great people and made some wonderful friends. We grew closer as a family (a benefit of living in less than 300 square feet together). We counted the number of states our children have visited in their lives (including past vacations, not just this trip) and we came up with 24. Our kids have visited 24 of our 50 states. We think that’s awesome. Maybe we’ll travel again in the not too distant future and hit the other 26.

So, thank you to our friends and family and perfect strangers who have supported us during this journey. We appreciate it so much. Thank you for sharing in our lives these last six months. And don’t go away. I plan on continuing to write. I’m not sure for how long or what about, but do keep reading and find out!

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  1. Julie
    May 29, 2014

    I hope you keep writing because I’ve enjoyed it. What a marvelous adventure your family has had these months. Thanks for sharing it. Onward to new challenges!

    • Toni
      May 30, 2014

      Thank you so much, Julie. I really enjoy writing. I hope that I stay motivated to continue it. Thank you so much for your awesome comments and encouragement over the last six months. And, yes, onward to new challenges!!

  2. nicole
    May 29, 2014

    Wow those pics are beautiful!!

    • Toni
      May 30, 2014

      Aren’t they great, Nicole? It’s incredibly beautiful here.

  3. Melissa Parker
    Jun 4, 2014

    I hope you keep up your blog. I always enjoy it! I don’t see you on Facebook anymore. What’s up?

    • Toni
      Jun 5, 2014

      Hey, Melissa. I’m planning on keeping up with the blog. We’ll see how it goes. Thank you!!

      As for Facebook, I’m taking a much needed break for my own mental health. Some of it is just normal political/religious nonsense that I needed a break from and some of it is the no more traveling thing. I’m needing to find a new normal as I thought we would be traveling for at least six more months (I had my fingers crossed for even longer). So, yeah, a break is needed. I’m sure I’ll be back. :-)

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