Random Quotes, Part Deux


“Oops, I forgot.”

Each week, one of the kids is assigned the task of caring for Cooper. This particular week it was Kye’s turn. Kye was enjoying playing in the dirt right outside the RV and he would take Cooper outside with him. Cooper has to be on a leash anytime he’s outside of the RV and we leave a leash outside, attached to something, and ready to hook onto his collar. I assumed that Kye was putting him on the leash all week. Every time I looked out, Cooper was sitting or laying right by Kye as he played. I thought it was cute, so I snapped these pictures. Right after I took the pictures, Cooper hopped up and I noticed that the leash was not connected. I asked Kye about it and as it turns out, he hadn’t been putting him on the leash all week. We should all give Cooper a pat on the back for resisting the many squirrels running past him and staying by his boy.

“You’re just being mean.”

While we were staying in the northwest corner of South Carolina, the kids and I ventured over to Atlanta for the day and visited the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum. Both places were awesome and we were glad we made the trip to see them. Unfortunately, I had a run in with an Atlanta traffic cop on our way out of town (during rush hour, of course). Apparently, I was in a lane where you can normally turn left or go straight, but that doesn’t allow left turns during the hours of 4-6 pm on weekdays. I had just barely turned onto said street when I realized I needed to turn left, so I missed the signs proclaiming this 4-6 pm rule. I turned left. Someone with Georgia plates on their car turned left right behind me. A motorcycle cop pulled me over and explained the rule. I told him I was from out of town (obviously, as he could see my Texas plates and driver’s license) and didn’t see the signs. He stated that the signs were large and impossible to miss and here was my ticket. I told him he was mean. End story. Blah!!



“It’s a sword pen, Jaten.”

Brinkley had a birthday while we were in South Carolina. Her 14th birthday to be exact, though she would clarify that she is in her 15th year. She got some great presents and was pretty excited about them. Now, you may notice from the pictures that she got the new Stephen King book. Let me just clarify that she asked for it. Brinkley is a mature 14 and I’m certain she can handle it. I personally read my dad’s copy of “It” at the tender age of ten. I do not recommend that. I’ve been afraid of clowns ever since. Clowns and flying monkeys haunt my dreams. Seriously. All because I read Stephen King and watched The Wizard of Oz as a child. As for the quote above, that was Brinkley at the bookstore when we were birthday shopping. She was expressing supreme excitement to Jaten so that Jaten would buy the pen for her birthday. Which Jaten did, even though Jaten had already purchased a birthday present for Brinkley. Sisters.


“Get it, Cooper. What is it? Are you gonna get it? Get it, Cooper.”

That quote would be the kids and I egging Cooper on. He tends to jump and pounce on things on our walks and it’s fairly humorous. Whatever he is “getting” can be any number of things: a blade of grass blowing in the wind, a bug, a lizard, etc. On this particular day, the kids and I were walking behind the RV park (after our move to Tennessee) because I wanted to show them the crazy old Halloween decorations that I had found. We’re thinking that some point, the RV park had some sort of “haunted walkway” or something. It’s either that or the Illuminati. Who knows? It was slightly creepy to stumble upon, either way. Even after two weeks of walking past them every day, the stupid skull spider in the tree startled me when it was blowing in the wind one day. Anyhow, in addition to looking at the scary decorations, Cooper was after something in the grass and we were telling him to get it. This prompting usually amounts to nothing (particularly when it is a blade of grass he’s after), but on this day, sure enough, he got something. A little mouse. We saw him pick it up in his mouth and told him to drop it, which he did. Too late for the poor mouse, though, it was dead. The kids were devastated. Not cool, Cooper. We probably won’t be so eager to tell him to “get it” now that we know he’s capable of hunting more than bugs and grass.


“Heavy, heavy hangover thy poor head…”

This quote refers to a fun little ditty that we say as we hold our gifts over the birthday person’s head. It involves a death threat and a bonk on the head, but it’s really perfectly harmless. I have no idea where it came from originally, but Josh’s family always did it growing up, so we do it now, too. I don’t really know why we have so few pictures from Kye’s birthday and so many from Brinkley’s, but I assure you it has nothing to do with him being the fourth child and not the second. Also, Kye is THE MOST FUN to watch open presents. He always has been. Everything he gets is, “just what I have always wanted!!” It’s pretty cute and he seems to be growing out of it. Makes me sad. My baby is growing up.


“What in the holy heck?”

That would be my quote. It’s what I said when I found these lovely selfies on my camera.


“Tennessee sure is ugly. I mean, seriously, that was the ugliest drive ever.”

This would be Josh and I. We were in constant open mouthed awe at the beauty of the state of Tennessee. We are also incredibly sarcastic, hence the “ugly” bit. I often had trouble paying attention to the road while driving because I wanted to look around at everything (ironically, I didn’t get any traffic tickets in Tennessee). We loved Nashville and had a great evening walking around downtown.


“Look at you, you’re beautiful.”

This quote was from Brinkley, after she put a flower in my hair and took a picture of me. To which I responded, “Thank you?” She said, “No, you’re supposed to say, ‘I have to go.’” So, I did. And she responded with, “You’re welcome.” Anyone know this reference? (Hint: we are a musical loving family)

The kids and I also spent an afternoon driving the Natchez Trace Parkway, which was stunning. We visited the Meriwether Lewis Park, which is on the parkway. Taye had recently completed a “lapbook” on the Lewis and Clark expedition for school and we had all watched a Lewis and Clark documentary in preparation for the visit. What an interesting man and what a sad end to a fascinating life.


“Do you see something wrong with this picture?”

After two weeks of fun in the Nashville area, we ventured to a campground in the Smoky Mountains for Easter weekend. Once again, jaw dropping beauty abounded. We took the kids on a hike on Saturday and then on Sunday (after Easter basket fun) Josh and I went for a longer/steeper hike without the kids. While we were gone, the kids ventured out on a nature trail. The above quote happened when Josh asked us all what was wrong with what he was wearing. Turns out he hiked with two different shoes. Oops!

Smoky3Smoky2SmokySmoky4Smoky5Smoky6Smoky7Smoky8Smoky9 Smoky12Smoky10Smoky11Smoky12Smoky 13

“It’s like a Smoky Mountain amusement park.”

This quote was from me, speaking of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Ever heard of it? We hadn’t, but when we mentioned we were going to the Smoky Mountains to various people the inevitable question would be, “Are you going to Gatlinburg?” As it turns out, we camped 30 minutes from Gatlinburg, so on Sunday evening, we took a drive over there. It was…interesting. We just drove through the downtown area. It was really crowded and there were lots of lights and flashing things and touristy restaurants and shops. It would probably have been fun to walk around, but we were exhausted after a full day, so driving through was just fine with us. While we were there, we saw signs for an historic motor nature trail. That sounded right up our alley as we were too exhausted to get out of the car, so we went for it. We were so glad that we did. It was absolutely gorgeous and we got to see some fun old buildings, too (we did actually manage to get out of the car for a few minutes).

Smoky 14Smoky15Smoky16Smoky17

“I guess I’ll call AAA.”

Me, again, when, on our way back to the campground from Gatlinburg, the Suburban died. Completely. You see, our ‘Burb has served us faithfully for eight years. She has 270,000 miles on her. We’ve been certain that she is on her last legs for several years now. I’ve prepared my children for her inevitable death. So, when she died 10 miles from the campground on Easter Sunday, none of us were surprised. Josh and I were slightly panicked because we weren’t entirely sure how we were going to make it back to the campground and the kids were already shopping for new cars in their heads. The quote came once Josh deduced that there wasn’t a darn thing he could do on the side of the road by himself to get her running again. While I was on the phone, giving AAA our location, an angel appeared. A park ranger stopped and asked if we needed help. We did need help, a jump start to be exact. He jumped the ‘Burb, she slowly came to life (though it was obvious that the battery wasn’t holding power) and then followed us back to the campground to make sure we made it okay. Phew. We were so grateful. The next morning, we headed out for North Carolina, but our first stop was Auto Zone. Josh had decided that the alternator was the problem, removed the old one, bought a new one, and installed it (in the Auto Zone parking lot, of course) all in an hour flat. I followed all of that with this quote:

“Have I told you lately how grateful I am that you are able to do all the amazing things you do?”

Of course, directed at my hot husband, who can essentially fix anything. Apparently replacing an alternator is no big deal, but it’s amazing to me. Love that man. For that reason and many more.


And with that, you all are all caught up with the Barneys. We’re currently in North Carolina, outside of Charlotte. The RV park is really beautiful with a fabulous place to take Cooper hiking every morning, which is a huge plus for me. We’re planning on laying low for a couple weeks until we head up to Virginia next.

Before I sign off, for those who don’t know, my little Taye started her own blog. She’d love some traffic and some comments if you have the time. The address is www.meandthree1234.blogspot.com.

And if you made it all the way through this, thank you. You’re awesome. Peace and love to you all.

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  1. Rebecca Belcher
    Apr 24, 2014

    Such a wonderful adventure. I like that you are taking so many pictures and that some of those pictures are of the whole family. You will have such great memories. Enjoy the journey, it’s fun to read your blog.

    • Toni
      Apr 24, 2014

      Thanks so much, Rebecca. The pictures of the whole family take some interesting camera placement and a timer, of course, but they’re usually worth it. I’m glad you enjoy the blog!

  2. Nicole and Clint
    Apr 24, 2014

    Ha fun! And loved the pictures!

    • Toni
      Apr 25, 2014

      Thanks, Coley!

  3. Jon Webb
    Apr 27, 2014

    What?! How cool is this! I have just recently read your entire blog. This is awesome. I will admit, I am jealous of the fabulous memories you are creating for your family! Family is the most important reason for why we are here on earth. Good for you guys! I am going to bookmark this to check in once in a while.

    • Josh
      Apr 27, 2014

      Hey Jon!

      This really has been an awesome experience. We are able to see and do so much as a family. Without family what do you have? Thanks for following.

  4. Tracy
    Apr 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday to Brinkley and Kye!! Once again, love all the pictures. Love the adventures you are having. That’s rotten about the ticket, RUDE! Go Josh!! That’s awesome he is so handing to fix your alternator in the parking lot. Thanks so much for sharing this with us all.

  5. Toni
    Apr 28, 2014

    Oh, thanks so much, Tracy! We’re definitely having a good time and sharing it with everyone is part of the joy for me. :-)

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